Paralyzed or Propelled?

Paralyzed or Propelled?


by bobby williams

Have you ever been paralyzed by a fear?

I remember as a young child playing in the woods one day with my friends. All of a sudden, my younger brother started crying, pointing and stuttering the word, “sna- sna- snaaaaaaaaake!”

I turned around, looked down, and at my feet was a rather large poisonous copperhead snake. I froze.

For about 20 seconds I didn’t know what to do. Should I run? Jump? Scream? Cry? I was paralyzed by my fear of snakes. Especially ugly ones at my feet.

After about 20 seconds of paralyzing fear (it felt like an eternity) I sprang from my spot in the dirt and ran out of the woods. It would be awhile before I went back to the area in the woods to play.

Fears can either paralyze us or they can propel us into action.

Sunday, a man named Michael was baptized. Michael has Cerebral Palsy. In the water, just before he was baptized, he said this, “Paul instructed us to praise God through our struggles [insert fears too]. My cerebral palsy is the struggle through which I praise God. It’s my cross.”


Afterwards, another person came to me and said that he had put off being baptized for too long because of his own fears. But no more. He will be baptized this coming Sunday at the Ridge, along with several others.

Starting the first two weeks of the year off with baptisms may end up being my favorite part of this entire year. I’m already stoked for Sunday!

Don’t let your fears paralyze you into freezing up. Instead, let them propel you into an action.

If you are ready to baptized or have questions about baptism, check out this page on our website. If you are ready to be baptized this week at the Ridge, sign up here. 

Why I Give To Ridge Church

Dollar Club money given in Ridge Kids
Dollar Club money given in Ridge Kids

by bobby williams

This past week, I sent out an email to our church outlining a few reasons why my wife Denira and I give to Ridge Church.

In case you were curious, we don’t just talk about generosity and giving, we try our best to model it as well. It’s because it’s really important to us.

Here is the email I sent:

Do you remember an infomercial for the Hair Club for men?

 James Whitman looked into the camera and said, “I’m not just the President of the company…I’m a user.”

I’m blessed to be the pastor of Ridge Church.  My family loves being part of the Ridge.

But I’m not just the pastor.  The Ridge is my church. I would attend here even if I wasn’t the pastor.

We’re in a small group.  My kids attend Ridge Kids.  And we financially support our church, gladly.

I don’t just pastor the church – I support the church by giving at least 10% of my income every month.   Here are three reasons Denira and I do this:


  1. I want to be an example to my kids.  Let’s face it – we’re living in pretty selfish times. We don’t have to teach kids how to be selfish.  They just figure that out on their own!  So I want to be a counter-cultural example to my children.  Generosity is more than an attitude – it’s an action.  I want them to know that I don’t just feel generous, but that I actually give. We consistently teach that because God has been SO generous to us, we can not help but be generous ourselves. God’s generosity towards us drives our generosity towards the church.

  2. I believe in our mission.  I believe “reflecting the Gospel so that those who are far from God will be awakened to new life in Christ” is important.  Those aren’t just words on a website – they are a rally cry worthy of my attention.

  3. I want to make a difference.  When I give to Ridge Church, I’m making a dent in eternity.  You don’t have to be an insider to know that donations make a different.  Just this past month, your giving in the Dollar Club helped model generosity and impact the community in a deep way. We were able to spread out that generosity in some random acts of kindness. The video even made it on WATE 6 News.

Those are just three reasons Denira and I give to Ridge Church.  I’d love to invite you to do the same.  In fact, I’d love to encourage you to do what we do – set up an online profile and give automatically. We like to say this is “automating the important.” Keep in mind, there are only a few days left to get it in before the end of this year.

Here’s a link to our online giving page where you can set it up or make changes.

Pastor Bobby

P.S. If you ever have questions about the finances or want more information, just let me know. We have 90 Tithe Challenge or even financial coaching to help you take your next step.

4 Things I Want Everyone at Ridge Church To Know


by bobby williams

In case you missed it (not sure how that happened- we messed up somewhere!) but today is CHRISTMAS EVE EVE in Oak Ridge and for Ridge Church, it’s the night of the year we celebrate together the birth of Jesus.

The sound system is all wired up, the garland is hung, instruments are tuned, the message is hot n’ ready, and all of our amazing Ridge volunteers are ready to rock tonight. We hope you’ll be there too.  Read more

Dollar Club: Tis The Season To Share

Christmas Dollar Club 2015 from The Ridge Church on Vimeo.

by bobby williams

Each month we do Dollar Club, we ask everyone to give $1 to help make an impact on our community and to model the generosity of God to others.

Typically, we help one person or one person with Dollar Club giving, but this month, in the spirit of Christmas, we went and shared the Dollar Club with people all over our community.

Watch this video and see the impact you made with just $1.

To join the Dollar Club and give $1, click here