Day 21: 21 Days of Prayer

Today, for our final day of the 21 day prayer campaign, we want to lift up the student ministry and it’s leaders at Ridge Church.  God is doing some amazing things in the lives of students across multiple campuses in our area through the Ridge student ministry.  Let’s thank Him for what He’s done and what He’ll continue to do.… Read more →

Day 20: 21 Days of Prayer

He IS Risen!  Jesus IS Alive! It’s Easter Sunday and today, millions of people will celebrate a risen Savior and millions others will meet Jesus for the very first time in churches all over the world. Today, let’s not only pray for the services at Ridge Church and those that will come, hear the Gospel for the first time or… Read more →

Day 19: 21 Days of Prayer

Today, April 19th, Ridge Church turns 5 years old.  Let’s pray and thank God for the last 5 years and look forward to the next 5 years. Father, We are ever so grateful for these 5 years as a body of believers who have gathered under your name.  Thank for everyone you have sent to here, everyone who has served,… Read more →