Resources For Advent

This past Sunday marked the beginning of the Advent season. At Ridge Church, we have typically celebrated Advent just through our Christmas sermon series we have done. However this year, we decided to dive in deeper by taking a pause reading through the book of Psalms for our scripture reading, and turned our attention to Advent readings and lighting of… Read more →

Ferguson | Our Response

For the last several months, America and the world even, have been talking about the events in Ferguson. Two nights ago, those talks amplified and the world leaned in a little closer. With no difference from any other time in history, the world also watches how Christians will respond. We believe that the Church does have an obligation to respond… Read more →

Behind The Ridge | Core Values

  Each week, we are giving you a peek behind the scenes at Ridge Church, talking about things that many things that simply do not get enough air time. Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll take a look at each of the 7 core values of the Ridge, and unpack each one, what it means both corporately… Read more →