Paleo 30 Day Challenge!!

First, let me start out by saying that I’m no expert on the Paleo diet.  This is my first experience with it, but I’ve had a lot of people ask me about and wanted to know more.  Kelley will be posting as well and she has been doing this diet for 4 years, so she is way experienced.  Below is… Read more →

5 Things To Know This Weekend at Ridge Church

5 Things To Know This Weekend at Ridge Church

This coming weekend at the Ridge is going to be AWESOME! I’m already stoked about what this Sunday will bring and I hope that you are as well. So, here are a few things I want you to know heading into this Sunday at Ridge Church….

1. Sunday Will Be Really Helpful!
Each Sunday, we like to make sure we give you something you can learn and grow from, and this Sunday will be no different. However, I believe this message will be SUPER helpful to someone you know that is struggling in their marriage or dating relationships. Do you know someone that seems to always fall head over heels for someone then gets hurt? Or know someone that is struggling in their marriage? This message WILL help them!

2. …So INVITE Someone!
This is the PERFECT series to invite someone to. Today’s Friday, so you have two full days to invite someone to come to the Ridge with you Sunday. You’ll be glad you did. Be bold!

3. The Workout Lifegroup Starts Sunday Night
We blogged the info HERE about this new Lifegroup. Join Kelley Christopher and Julie Monday as they lead this new group. Come ready to workout and then have an engaging bible study at 6pm Sunday night.

4. RSVP For The First Ever Ridge Ladies Night
This past Sunday we announced the Ridge Ladies Night. Lots of ladies have already RSVP’d so head over HERE and RSVP for this March 7th event

5. Get Excited!!!
Not just about Sunday, but about Jesus. If we’ll get excited about Jesus is doing, we’ll be excited when we come in to worship on Sunday, we’ll be excited about inviting our friends, and we’ll be excited about talking to them about what Jesus is doing.

I hope to see you Sunday Ridge Church!