Take A Digital Mission Trip

by bobby williams Chances are pretty good, that if you’re reading this, you also use some form of social media, or consume some form of social media content in any given week. Pew Research reported in 2014, 74% of Americans use social media on a weekly basis. That’s a whole lot of people. Like it or not, social media is… Read more →

Study Through The Book of Acts

Since beginning our series on the book of Acts, we have mentioned two resources that will be highly beneficial to us as we continue in the journey through the book of Acts. The book of Acts is all about the beginning of the Church and the spread and multiplication of the Gospel. It’s a great book for us to read… Read more →

As You Go Today

by bobby williams Where will you go today? What will you do? Who will you see or spend time with? Today, tomorrow, all this week you will go places. You’ll go to work, to the supermarket, the playground, to the gym, to eat out and to friend’s houses. You’ll be on the go all week long. In Matthew 28, Jesus… Read more →

How To Sabotage Your Life

by bobby williams Over the last several weeks, we have been preaching through a series called Sabotage: Issues of the heart that sabotage relationships. We have unpacked several key thoughts in this process. Sunday we will wrap up the series with a critical question that any us could and all of us should, ask of others. If you have missed… Read more →

Be Bold Today

In Acts 4, the New Testament church was being persecuted and told to NOT speak about Jesus any longer. Peter and John, when told this replied in verse 20, “for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” Later after they left, they gathered together with other believers and the scripture says they prayed for boldness. That’s… Read more →

2014 Ridge Church Annual Report

The Ridge Church Annual Report is now available! It’s been stated many times already, but 2014 was one of the best overall years EVER in the history of Ridge Church. The Lord blessed us in so many ways there was certainly a LOT to celebrate. This year we put together a very simple infographic called the 2014 Annual Report to… Read more →