Become a Ridge Church Partner


by bobby williams

We have often said here at the Ridge, we are not a country club nor a fitness center. They have memberships. And members scream they have rights and make demands on what they want. However, we are a church. And as a church, we are partners, together.

I love how the New Living Translation uses the word partner:

Philippians 1:5 “…for you have been my PARTNERS in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now”

Hebrews 3:1 “And so, dear brothers and sisters who belong to God and are partners with those called to heaven, think carefully about this Jesus whom we declare to be God’s messenger and High Priest.”

1 Peter 4:13 “Instead, be very glad- for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world.”

Paul likes to use the idea of partnership as ones that work together for the sake of the Gospel, to plant it, to water it and to spread it. And so, as people who attend Ridge Church, we too are partners doing the same things, together.

We would love for you to consider becoming a partner at Ridge Church. If you attend here, serve here, give here or call this your home church, will you go one step further with us and partner with us?

Our first partnership class will be Sunday evening September 25th at 5pm. Dinner and child care will be provided. Register Here >>

What Is Partnership?

We believe every Christian should belong to a local church and be a partner of that church. This includes serving, giving, and participating in biblical community.

Partnership at Ridge Church is a commitment to live out our identity and calling as believers as part of a community in the local church. It is both an invitation and a commitment to fully pursue Jesus and the abundant life He promises to us together, for our city and beyond.

Why Partnership?

Partners are the saints of God who do the work of ministry, and partnership is a commitment to missional living with the local body of believers. We call these men and women “partners” rather than “members,” because we think that word more clearly describes the heart of the New Testament (Ephesians 4:11–14). We call our partners to a higher level of accountability, service and sacrifice than attenders. We ask a lot of our partners, because we believe that God is using them, and our church, to do amazing things for His Kingdom in our city.

Do I Have To Become A Partner To Attend Here?

Absolutely not! You are welcome to attend here, check things out and see if this is a place you want to call home. And when you decide that you love being on mission with and partnering with people together here at the Ridge, then you can take that next step to become a partner here at the Ridge.

How Do I Become A Partner?

We offer a Partnership class the 4th Sunday of every month. To be a partner, we ask that you at least be 16 years of age. To attend a Partnership class, simply register for our next offered class time.  Register Here >>

Not Just A Band-Aid


by wesley hicks

 My daughter, Mercy, is a little over 2 years old and she loves Band-Aids.  They can be Doc McStuffins, Minions, Paw Patrol, whatever and she will see it and automatically an invisible boo boo becomes apparent and she wants a Band-Aid.  Now, we oughta know that the bandage is really good for covering the wound and while the bandage is there the body is in the process or repairing the damages done by an outside factor (like the screwdriver that punctured my hand this weekend).  The bandage may cover the wound, but there is also more to the healing and growth process than just slapping a sticker on it and ignoring the need to care for the underlying issues.

It is so easy and far too common for us to treat our Faith like a Band-Aid.  We slap a little Jesus on us and walk along as if there isn’t some places in need of growth and care.  Attending a service here and there or maybe even serving or doing a Lifegroup from time to time.  It’s a lot like occasionally pouring some peroxide on an infected wound and seeing how beneficial it is, but only doing it every once in a while just makes the healing process longer and more frustrating.  Those are all really great ways to experience growth, community, and a deeper walk, but occasional immersion in the Christian faith will not take us into the depths of joy, community, and maturity that God has promised us with Himself, His people (church), or our communities.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to serve and join a Lifegroup.  Heck, maybe I just like being around everyone because they make me strive to be a better husband, father, pastor and friend.  I also know that there are two really amazing classes about to start that I hope everyone would participate in and allow their faith to mature into more than a Band-Aid.  I want to see my church family, you all- my friends be spiritual beasts in which nothing this life can throw at you can even cause drama in your lives.  Yeah, I said it- SPIRITUAL BEASTS- BEAST MODE WHAT!!!!!! 

I believe that is completely possible because for starters God isn’t a punk and He wants to see you grow and will give you everything you need for it.  I also know that when we are in His Word, and with His people seeking to become more like Him that He always delivers the goods.  So here is what I am writing all this for:

Ridge U is about to kick-off with 2 new classes that are only 6 weeks long (6 sessions), 2 new opportunities for you and me to thrive in our faith family and in our individual relationships with Jesus.  I am stoked about these two classes for many reasons but primarily because they are designed with 2 key purposes in mind.  1- Engaging God more in very practical and meaningful ways, 2- Allowing the Gospel to impact our lives so that we may impact the culture around us.  That’s right, Loving God more and impacting the world more deeply. ….. I KNOW, it does sound pretty awesome. 

Embracing the Bible will be led by Leah Burdick and she will be showing some practical ways to engage God’s Word to get the most out of it.  Every one of us have probably picked up the Bible, randomly selected a place to read, and stopped because we had no idea what this book was trying to say to me.  Out of frustration it still sits in the same spot and the most mention we have of it is probably when singing along with a country music song.  The Bible is exciting.  Seriously.  If you don’t believe me, or if you can relate to the struggle of reading the Bible, then SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS.  IT WILL HELP.  Btw, if you haven’t met Leah, she is pretty cool and makes awesome bread, and if you have met her, well, you know I am right.

Counter-Culture will be led by Larry Pemberton.  This class is going to be good.  We live in a world that is increasingly hostile to the Christian Faith.  God has called us to live counter-culture to the world we live in.  Pretty sure the Bible says something about being not of this world, and all kinds of other points that basically say- if you are a Christian then you will be counter-culture.  So, how do we be that, what does it look like, how do we live on mission and how do we live our lives in a way that joy and delight overflows to impact the people around us.  This class will help us dive directly in to all of that.  Does your life reflect the Gospel to the people around you?  Do you see your life impacting the people you care about and the people you dislike in a bless your heart kind of way?  SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS.  If you don’t know Larry, I am willing to bet you that you have at least shook his hand as you enter on a Sunday Morning.  You may also remember his joke about meeting the height requirement for pastors at our church.  Btw, with my hair I am taller than Bobby.  Just sayin.

I really want to encourage you in taking part in one of these classes.  It will be a great 6 weeks of community, growth, and may go a long way in impacting our lives and the lives of those around us deeply.  I think that these classes will be fun, but more than anything I truly believe that the more we come together to pursue God’s plan for us individually and collectively we will begin to see Him pour out His blessings in our lives.  I want more of what God has to give us, and the great part is that when we ask Him for it He always gives it to us.  Goodbye Band-Aid faith, and Hello overflowing faith that Jesus said would cause us to be filled and thirst no more.

Sign Up For Ridge U

God, Ezekiel and Renewal

God, Ezekiel and Renewal


by rob purdie

Renewal. It’s a great word. It’s one of those words that we can pretty much instantly understand because the definition isn’t hidden. The act of making something new again. Simple, right?

As with many things, our culture sometimes makes simple things complicated. We’d ask the question “How can something that’s already been made and used be ‘new’?”

I grew up in a beautiful town in northern New York named Watertown. Almost every street had mansions or beautiful Victorian houses. The downtown was ornate and stylish. As I grew up, however – in the 1960s and 1970s – an idea called “urban renewal” saw many of these things destroyed and replaced with modern-style buildings. Or, sometimes, replaced with nothing.

When we can’t understand a word or idea, we often dismiss it. Or, sometimes, we just change the idea to fit something we can understand more easily. Neither of these solutions are best.

God created renewal. Why, you ask? For the same reason He does anything.

He loves us.

When we first see humans, Adam and Eve are living in a great place. They’re with God and each other in Eden. Things are amazing. Everybody is happy.

But, we all know what happens. Sin enters the picture. And God starts working to renew the world for the people He loves.

One of the most glaring and smack-you-in-the-face stories of renewal in the Bible comes from the prophet Ezekiel. As a young Christian, this story always gave me a Halloweeny image in my head.

Being a prophet is a tough gig. God takes you to some strange places, sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally.

He took Ezekiel to a valley. Laying all over the floor of the valley were human bones. The bones had been there so long that they’d become dry to the point of being brittle and cracking.

God told Ezekiel what to say. And, as Ezekiel said God’s words, the bones started to rattle and come together. Muscles and skin grew over them. Pretty soon, there were a bunch of whole, lifeless bodies on the floor of the valley.

But God wasn’t finished – not with the “bones,” or with Ezekiel.

He told Ezekiel to speak the “breath of life,” or Holy Spirit, over the renewed bodies. And when Ezekiel did this, all the bodies stood on their feet, alive.

God is the perfect renewal expert. It’s like it’s His specialty. In fact, through Jesus, He had a plan to renew all of us from before we were even born.

Perhaps you need to leave something behind like Adam and Eve. God has a new place of renewal for you and Him to start again. Perhaps there’s something that you think is too big for God to get past – your own personal valley of dry bones.

God showed the first couple that even in their sin, they couldn’t escape His love. He showed Ezekiel that there was nothing so dead that He couldn’t breathe new life into it.

If you’re waiting for renewal, then He’s waiting for you. Call Him. Come to Him.

The Trouble With Freedom

taking out the trash isn't glamorous. But it has to be done.
Taking out the trash isn’t glamorous. But somebody has to do it.

by rob purdie

“The trouble with freedom is that someone has to take out the garbage.” – anonymous Rockford University student.

I was a young philosophy student at William Penn University when I read these words. They were intended by the professor to give us an idea of the issues that the discipline of philosophy addresses. As with most things my professor exposed his classes to, however, the phrase would grow to have more significant meaning, particularly to me.

As Americans, we use the word and the concepts associated with freedom a lot. This past weekend we celebrated Independence Day and many of us focused on the freedoms that ostensibly come with being citizens of the United States. That is a good and proper thing to do – not just on Independence Day, but all the time.

But, where does freedom originate?

As with many things in American culture, there are different definitions to words based upon the culture or subculture that is using them.

Clearly, there’s a political and cultural context to freedom in America that captures an element of the broader idea. However, freedom – true freedom, in the spiritual sense is something deeper (and, since this is a church blog, that’s the one I’m going with).

Freedom is a memory, a longing of the human soul to be with the One Who it was born to live with.

The very notion of freedom comes from sin. We’re all drawn to sin. Adam and Eve never knew what freedom was while they were in Eden . . . because they had no concept of sin! There was nothing to take them captive.

But, then they put the chains on themselves. Just like we all do. And freedom was born.

The Bible is a pretty consistent book. Throughout it, the Israelite/Hebrew people spend a LOT of time getting their freedom back from different governments (Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, each other, etc).

Finally, God took things into His own hands. Literally. Jesus did what no government could do. Christians have received a birthright – a born-again right – that no government can undo and that no human institution can remove.

And this is great news! It’s incredible. The Son of the Creator of the Universe knows each of us personally . . . the good, the bad . . . and yet, He let Himself be violently killed by man-made governments so that you and I can be free.

The question then becomes – What do we do with our freedom?

And, suddenly, we’re back to where we started. “The trouble with freedom is that someone has to take out the garbage.”

I don’t know if that anonymous Rockford University student recognized the philosophical and theological depth of their statement. But there it is. Truth.

You see, being spiritually free means that you no longer need to rely on other humans. In the theological sense, you are now fully relying on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for making you holy before God. In the philosophical sense, you are not beholden to men to do things for you. You can – and should, as much as possible – do them yourself.

As Christians, as responsible Americans, and just as free people, we have to take out the garbage.

This means that we have to act upon our responsibilities to do the right things. We have exchanged the luxury and bondage of letting the government or our neighbor do it for the freedom and burden of following Christ or our consciences.

Some of the obvious objections that arise to this truth are born of the same mentality that it is designed to overcome.

No, this does not mean that the disabled are on their own. No, it doesn’t mean the hungry just have to suffer. Quite the contrary. Being in Christ means that you know right from wrong. You are not a slave to other men . . . because you have enlisted in the Army of God. He gives the orders. Not you. Not governments. Not other men.

We then do things to help others because it is what Jesus wants.

There is no subterfuge in signing on to the Christian life. Jesus gives ample warning that being free comes with . . . well, garbage.

But OUR garbage was taken out by Jesus. OUR sin was dealt with by the God Whole loves you more than you can grasp.

Our best way of showing your gratitude is to take out the garbage.

Fear and the Mix Tape

Ridge Community Church Student Pastor AJ Underwood and his wife Julie lead Refuge Student Ministry at Ridge.
Ridge Community Church Student Pastor AJ Underwood and his wife Julie lead Refuge Student Ministry at Ridge.

Editor’s Note: On June 26, the Ridge Community Church celebrated “Youth Sunday,” a day where many of the members of Refuge Student Ministry directly led and participated in various aspects of the Sunday service.

On that day, our Student Pastor A.J. Underwood delivered the main message at both services. It was inspiring, uplifting and convicting. And in this entry, A.J. shares that, like many things in the Christian life, it’s not always as easy as it looks – but it’s worth it.

by aj underwood

Over the past six weeks, the Ridge Church has been doing a series called “Mix Tape.” The emphasis of this series is six different speakers being given the opportunity to speak on whatever God has put on their heart.

I was truly blessed to be one of the six communicators that was given an opportunity to share my heart with everyone who attended one recent Sunday morning. When approached by our lead pastor Bobby Williams many months prior about delivering one of the Mix Tape messages, I was both excited and nervous. I was still relatively new at speaking to the crowd of 20-25 that I get on Wednesday nights as the Student Pastor, much less preparing something and getting in front of 200+ people on a Sunday morning.

However, I have really learned some things that I want to share with you about my experience.


What I get out of the preparation personally is always one of my favorite parts of preparing a message.

I know that sounds extremely selfish, but it is the truth. I know that as I prepare, if the message is speaking to me, then there is someone else out there that it will speak to as well.

The morning I spoke to the Ridge Church congregation, the message was centered around taking refuge in the Lord. As I worked through the message, I started looking at my own life and what I was taking refuge in during difficult times. Not just in difficult times, but in my nervousness to be on stage speaking to people, I needed to remind myself – “This is the message God has given me and He will give the words that will impact those it was meant for.”

And just like everything God tells all of us in difficult situations, that is sometimes easier said than done.

However, what I realized is that it forced me to put a larger focus on God during the process than upon myself and what I wanted to accomplish. That simple change in mindset and focus has changed the way I communicate with God, deal with difficult situations, approach the Bible, and approach being a disciple maker.

All of those areas of growth came from preparing one 38 minute message for a room full of people that God brought that morning and that I absolutely love doing life with. And learning from.


I practiced and I practiced and I practiced and I practiced!

I listen to a recorded version of the message in the car. I ran through it in my office at home. I tried to do a run through from memory as I took a trip to and from Atlanta the week before. The night before I spoke, I went to the church and did a full run through. Three times. And that morning, I read through my notes numerous times.

I tried my absolute best to be intentional about being prepared for Sunday morning. Most importantly, I was in constant prayer for God’s hand to really be on me and on the hearts of everyone there. I was reading, running through and praying until the absolute last second before walking on for the 9:00 AM service.

Then, the lights came back up. The mic was hot. And it was go time! It came out exactly as I had imagined that it would, the simple jokes that were inserted randomly brought chuckles, the serious moments brought silence, and the one line main points brought “Amen” and “That’s Right” from the people listening. I asked people to commit to next steps, closed in prayer and walked off, both relieved it was over and excited at how well I felt it went.

I then spent the next 45 minutes thinking, “Psshh I got this, that first service went perfectly”.

Then the moment came when it was time to go back on for the second service and I felt it, that feeling in the pit of my stomach better known as nerves. In that confidence and cockiness that “I did it and that I could do it again, no problem” I completely lost focus on the morning and more importantly on the fact that I hadn’t done anything.

God had shown up and what He wanted said had come out. I was more nervous the second time around because I had lost focus even for mere moments, but it was enough to change my effectiveness and cause me to stumble over words and constantly refer to my notes. Those in attendance for the second service probably have no idea and wouldn’t without me telling them, but God taught me that morning that when other people’s salvation and belief is in the equation you can’t lose focus on him!


Fact: I was scared on Sunday morning!!

Preaching on Sunday morning is like riding a roller coaster. First, you are waiting to get to the ride, and the nerves are just bubbling up as you see more and more people come in and it is becoming more real by the minute. This is followed soon after by walking up front and buckling up for the ride.

There is a slow beginning where you tell a couple jokes and introduce yourself as you inch your way up that first hill. Then you reach the peak and go to get into your first point and it is – *boom* –  downhill. And, yes, there is even the urge to scream at times!!

At this point, obviously, there is nothing you can do. You are along for the ride and you just pray that God takes control!

Then, you come up from that last point and go through the calm return to the main hub, better known as the closing of the message.

And that part is great. You realize you survived. You reflect on the fact that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. And you bring it on home just as confident as can be!

You hop out of the cart and think to yourself that was awesome, but thank goodness it is over. Then as you walk through the gift shop, you see that they took pictures at random points throughout the ride. So, you go check yours out. In doing so you realize a couple things about this ride: it was worth the wait, you were never in any real danger, you had an absolute blast. And, of course, do I always look that fat?

So, please, remember that when you go to church next Sunday to hear the message and get what God has brought you there to hear, that there was fear, self-realization, personal transformation, and growth poured into that message and into that speaker before you ever showed up. So, pray for them before you get there, pick your head up and truly listen to what God has given them for you, look past a fumbled word or a pause to refer back to their notes, give them a supportive “Amen”, “Wow, or “That’s Good”, and always respect the courage it took to trust in God and do his work.

I love each and every one of you at the Ridge and I just want to say how thankful I am that you gave me some of your day to share my heart. Not because you had to but because you wanted to. I can’t thank you enough for all the kind words I have gotten since that morning!

And a big round of applause to all the students that participated and helped create such an amazing environment that morning, when I got involved with the Refuge Student Ministry almost nine months ago I never imagined we would be pulling off a Sunday morning experience like that, but man did our amazing students came through!