Why Repentance Is So Important

by bobby williams If you have been at Ridge Church any  length of time, you know that at some point during the Sunday message, there will be a call for us all; religious, believers, unbelievers, seekers; all of us, called to take a step in repentance. Why is this the case every Sunday? You might ask, “If I’m already a… Read more →

What Kind Of Person Do You Want To Be?

by bobby williams Life is full of tough questions. For example; Where do you see yourself in five years? What if….?  Who left the toilet seat up?  I get it. We can’t escape the tough questions in life. But I believe that tough questions grow us; they make us better. If we’ll wrestle with them, we’ll become better parents, spouses,… Read more →

The Clear Will of God?

by bobby williams One of the most common questions I get asked, over hear people talk about or get requested to preach about is “What is God’s will for my life?” I recently read an article from Jon Bloom on and he said: But if we really love Jesus, we will increasingly love what he loves — we will… Read more →

It’s Time We Man Up

    We have a dynamic vision for Ridge Church. That vision is for us to be a praying church, not just a church that prays. Over the past year, we have made a lot of positive movement in that direction. But one thing has become blatantly clear to me and it needs to be addressed. It’s time for the… Read more →

Be Bold Today

In Acts 4, the New Testament church was being persecuted and told to NOT speak about Jesus any longer. Peter and John, when told this replied in verse 20, “for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” Later after they left, they gathered together with other believers and the scripture says they prayed for boldness. That’s… Read more →

Bible Studies and Devotionals on Prayer

As we continue our #ridgeprayer series, here are a few bible studies and devotionals you can dive into on the subject of prayer. These come from one of our favorite bible apps, Youversion. You can download this app in the Google Play store and also in the iPhone/iPad app store. Prayer Devotionals Prayer, 3 Weeks Authentic Prayer from James MacDonald,… Read more →