5 Things to Know This Weekend at Ridge Church


It’s going to be another great weekender at The Ridge! Here are 5 Things you need to know!

1. We Start the Pursued series
I cannot tell you enough how pumped we are for this series. This series will show us all how God is relentlessly pursuing us even though we tend to run the other direction.

2. The message this Sunday
To start the series off, we will hear a story about a preacher, prostitute & God. Sounds the like the beginning to a bad joke but it’s not. It’s our story.

3. We are a month from Easter
Easter is coming April 20th! We will have a lot going on to serve our community that week, so be sure to listen up at how you can get involved. And, it’s never too late to invite someone to Easter services!

4. 21 Days of Prayer Starts In a Week
At the end of March we will enter into 21 days of prayer as we lead up to our 5th birthday as a church. We are so excited about these coming days and can’t wait to see what God does as we rally around these days together

We can’t wait to see you Sunday!

4 Things To Know This Weekend at Ridge Church


Ridge Church!!!  It’s almost Sunday, so it’s time to get together, sing about Jesus and dive into the Gospel.  I hope you’re as excited as I am.  I get excited about every Sunday if you haven’t noticed yet.

So here are 4 things for you to know about this weekend at Ridge Church:

  1.  We will conclude the He Said, She Said series |  We’ve had 3 amazing weeks in this series so far, and the end will be one of the best yet as we talk about the myth that love is a feeling.  What do you think love is, or about?  We will unpack it from the bible this Sunday, and I have no doubts this sermon will help you.

2.  We will preview the next series |  Be sure to pay attention at the end of the service and you will see a clip previewing the new series we are launching next week called Pursued.  We will spend a few weeks in the book of Hosea talking about one of the most scandalous stories in the bible, maybe of all time.  Did you know that God is still faithful even when we can be faithless?  You’ll want to invite someone to this series.

3.  Ridge Kids will be jamming  |  Our kids ministry is fun!  Not only do they learn about Jesus and the Gospel, but they have fun doing it.  Bring your kids to Ridge Kids, and they will have fun AND learn something.  I met a first time guest Sunday who had a kid in Ridge Kids, so I asked them if they had fun, and with a HUGE smile, she said YES.  Love that.

4.  Sunday is a great day to bring someone to church |  I love hearing meeting people for the first time who say, “this is my friend ________. Today is their first day at the Ridge.”   Imagine the joy you get to experience when YOUR friend comes for the first time and their life is impacted by Jesus at the Ridge.  It’s a great feeling and one I want you to experience too.  So bring someone with you Sunday, because this message will impact their life and yours.

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday Ridge Church!

Get To Know The Ridge Sunday at BaseCamp


If you’ve been attending Ridge Church for a few weeks or for a few months and are ready to find out more about the Ridge, why we do things the way we do them, how we started, where we’re going and what it looks like to get involved at the Ridge, then join us at BaseCamp this coming Sunday.

BaseCamp takes place during the 11:15 service in Green Room beside the cafe.  We would love for you to come to BaseCamp and get more familiar with Ridge Church to see how you can be part of this amazing movement in our city.

Attend the 9:30am service, then stay for BaseCamp during the 11:15am service this coming Sunday.  To RSVP and for more information, SIGN UP HERE

5 Things To Know This Weekend at Ridge Church


5 Things To Know This Weekend at Ridge Church

This coming weekend at the Ridge is going to be AWESOME! I’m already stoked about what this Sunday will bring and I hope that you are as well. So, here are a few things I want you to know heading into this Sunday at Ridge Church….

1. Sunday Will Be Really Helpful!
Each Sunday, we like to make sure we give you something you can learn and grow from, and this Sunday will be no different. However, I believe this message will be SUPER helpful to someone you know that is struggling in their marriage or dating relationships. Do you know someone that seems to always fall head over heels for someone then gets hurt? Or know someone that is struggling in their marriage? This message WILL help them!

2. …So INVITE Someone!
This is the PERFECT series to invite someone to. Today’s Friday, so you have two full days to invite someone to come to the Ridge with you Sunday. You’ll be glad you did. Be bold!

3. The Workout Lifegroup Starts Sunday Night
We blogged the info HERE about this new Lifegroup. Join Kelley Christopher and Julie Monday as they lead this new group. Come ready to workout and then have an engaging bible study at 6pm Sunday night.

4. RSVP For The First Ever Ridge Ladies Night
This past Sunday we announced the Ridge Ladies Night. Lots of ladies have already RSVP’d so head over HERE and RSVP for this March 7th event

5. Get Excited!!!
Not just about Sunday, but about Jesus. If we’ll get excited about Jesus is doing, we’ll be excited when we come in to worship on Sunday, we’ll be excited about inviting our friends, and we’ll be excited about talking to them about what Jesus is doing.

I hope to see you Sunday Ridge Church!

Hey Ladies! RSVP For Ridge Ladies Night March 7


Calling all the ladies!

Mark your calendars for March 7th at 7pm for the first of many to come, Ridge Ladies Nights!

One of the most overheard struggles in church is getting connected to people. There’s not much time on a Sunday morning to meet new people and make a solid connection. So that’s why we’ve created this event.

Come out for fun, food, pampering and the absence of men :) We’re pulling out all the stops for this first event!

In order to best prepare for you, we need you to RSVP and let us know you’ll be coming. The event is free, for ladies 18 and up, (single or married, doesn’t matter) and if you happen to need childcare, indicate that on the registration so we can take care of your needs.

To register, head over to RidgeChurch.cc or CLICK HERE and fill out the RSVP form. For questions, you can contact Denira Williams at Denira@ridgechurchonline.com

Women’s Only Workout and Bible Study Group Starts March 2nd


Starting Sunday evening, March 2nd, an all new women’s only workout and bible study group will start at Ridge Church.

This group is for women only and will be led by Kelley Christopher and Julie Monday.  The group will start with a time of exercise led by Kelley Christopher who is a physical trainer and then will be followed by a time of bible study led by our worship director at Ridge Church, Julie Monday.

The life group is designed for women at any fitness level and any spiritual level.  Childcare WILL BE provided and feel free to bring friends.

The group will meet Sunday March 2nd at 6pm, downstairs at the LaSalle Ridge campus.

For more information, contact Julie Monday at julie@ridgechurchonline.com

What Are You Giving For Valentine’s Day?


Valentines Day is quickly approaching and let me (Bobby) make a recommendation on a purchase that will be much better than candy or flowers.  Those will go away.  This…this could be a lifetime investment and will much more fun for you and your significant other (and will cost you a WHOLE lot less!)

February 22nd, we are hosting, in partnership with Legacy Church Knoxville, the Real Marriage Tour simulcast with pastor Mark Driscoll and wife Grace Driscoll at Ridge Church.  Mark and Grace have written a fantastic book called Real Marriage and will sharing practical and biblical advice via simulcast.

During the simulcast, they will talk about things such as:

  • Dating – keys to success and failure.
  • Married people, guess what, you are supposed to ‘date your spouse’.
  • Friendship in marriage – it is a simple idea, but often difficult to maintain.
  • Taking out the Trash – You will have to attend to learn how.
  • Sex as god, gross or gift?
  • Can We __________?

The cost is only $10 per couple or individual and is recommended for those who are single, engaged, dating and of course married.  An amazing lunch will be provided and we’ll have several date night gift baskets to give away. ( You’ll want to get your hands on these!)

To register, simply click the REAL MARRIAGE TOUR  for more information and registration info.

Drawing Circles Around Ridge Church


Last night, Ridge Church kicked off a new prayer team. It was exciting to gather and share our thoughts and passions regarding prayer. We now have a dedicated team to pray over the church (vision, leadership, ministries, etc), as well as personal requests submitted every week. So know this moving forward…every request shared either through the CONNECT card on Sundays, theprayer@ridgechurchonline.com email address, or any other avenue will have a dedicated person praying over it that week.

One of the things we discussed last night was the practice of drawing prayer circles. I’ve been reading a book by Pastor Mark Batterson from National Community Church in Washington, DC titled “The Circle Maker”. He tells the story of Honi, a righteous Jewish man considered a miracle worker, who in a time of severe drought prayed for rain…

Once they said to Honi the Circle-Drawer, “Pray that rain may fall.” He answered, “Go out and bring in the Passover ovens [made of clay] that they be not softened.” He prayed, but the rain did not fall. What did he do? He drew a circle and stood within it and said before God, “O Lord of the world, your children have turned their faces to me, for I am like a son of the house before you. I swear by your great name that I will not stir from here until you have pity on your children.” Rain began falling drop by drop. He said, “Not for such rain have I prayed, but for rain that will fill the cisterns, pits, and caverns.” It began to rain with violence. He said, “Not for such rain have I prayed, but for rain of goodwill, blessing, and graciousness.” Then it rained in moderation, until the Israelites had to go up from Jerusalem to the Temple Mount because of the rain. They went to him and said, “Just as you prayed for the rain to come, so pray that it may go away!”

Honi’s prayer was so effective that it made the people ask him to stop praying for rain! James 5:16 does say that the prayers of a righteous man are effective.

In his book, Batterson talks about the importance of drawing prayer circles around the promises and dreams given to us from God. To illustrate, he ponders what would have happened if the Israelites had stopped circling Jericho on the sixth day. They would have missed out on the miracle of the walls falling down. And in the same fashion, what do we miss out on because we either stop circling or neglect to even draw the circle.

God has given us a dream that Ridge Church will become a praying church. Not that we would simply have a team full of individuals passionate about prayer. But that we would be a church devoted to praying together. And that was the center of our conversation last night…circling that dream of Ridge Church becoming a praying church. It won’t happen overnight and may take 20 years…but we are circling it.

The coolest thing happened as I was leaving. I stepped outside and Tony Fairbanks pointed to the sky and told me to look. And this is what we saw hanging in the sky over the church building…

moon ring

Recovery at Oak Ridge Information


Hey Ridge Church!  Recovery at Oak Ridge (Ridge Church) is getting amp’d up and is starting to gather together regularly on Thursdays.  Listed below is the upcoming schedule if you are interested in being part of helping this Recovery ministry get off the ground and be a HUGE help to seeing people who are far from God in Oak Ridge, be awakened to life in Christ as God breaks their addictions, hurts and hang-ups.

Dates and times to remember:

Thursday Feb 6th  6:00 pm meal 7:00 pm service begins
Cokesbury Recovery on Kingston Pike

Thursday Feb 13th  6:00 pm meal 7:00 pm service begins
Cokesbury Recovery on Kingston Pike

Thursday Feb 20th 7:00 pm
The Ridge Church LaSalle Campus Oak Ridge

Thursday Feb 27th 6:00pm meal 7:00pm service begins
Cokesbury Recovery on Kingston Pike

***Leadership Training classes at Cokesbury

Monday evenings 6-7:30pm  February 10th,  February 24th, and March 10th.  Book is $10.00

*** Facilitator Group meeting
Every 3rd Thursday at 5:30. After the meeting we will go to 6:00 meal and fellowship to be followed by worship service at 7 pm.

From Tara Harvey, Recovery at Oak Ridge director:

“One of the things we talked about was starting our small group study of the 12 step program.  This will bond our leadership group and allow us to grow together to be able to lead this ministry.  We will meet on Thursdays and the group will be open to new members for several weeks.  So here is where you can talk to your friends, co-workers, family members, colleagues, or who ever else may have a heart or background in recovery.  This ministry is not limited to The Ridge regular attendees. 

One of the most important things to  remember for yourselves and to tell others that this ministry is NOT limited to alcohol or substance abuse.  This is a opportunity for healing for so many other hurts, or habits every single one of us as humans struggle with, emotional hurts, eating disorders, sexual abuse or addictions, relational issues. Bottom line its a safe place for people to seek healing and seek God. We are going to deal with many topics and will need people to be available to help. Most of us are not “qualified” or licensed to help people on a professional level,  but I believe God will put the right people in the right places to be able to minister to his people.  

I am so glad God is forming this team and I pray that we can use this as an opportunity for discipleship and a chance to be the hands and feet of God.  This is a big commitment, but a ministry that is the heart beat of The Ridge Church and has full support of our church leaders.  This is much bigger than the little “c” church and my prayer is that we don’t put limits on God by doubting what He can do through this small group of people.  Our God is able and He will provide all we need.”

We would love to have you part of this exciting new ministry!  For more information on Recovery at Oak Ridge, email recovery@ridgechurchonline.com

Sunday Announcements: 1-26-14


Thanks for being at Ridge Church this Sunday! We’ve been expecting you and saved you a seat! Read on to see all the announcements for this Sunday at Ridge Church and things happening in the weeks to come.



If today is your first time here, you are our VIP today! We want you to know we are so excited you’re with us, and as a very small token of appreciation of that, we want to give you a free Ridge coffee mug and bag of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee that we brew here at the Ridge. All we ask is you take the CONNECT CARD close to you (or click here to fill it online), fill it out and bring it by the RIDGE CENTRAL table you passed on the way into the gathering today. It’s the table out in the lobby. Thanks for being at Ridge Church!


At Ridge Church, out time of giving is a chance for us to give back to God. God is a giver, so therefore we give. There are 3 ways you can give here at Ridge Church. 1) You can give online securely by CLICKING HERE 2) You can give online using our FREE APP, or 3) You can give by placing your gift into giving bags as they are passed during the gathering today. Thank you for giving to what God is doing at Ridge Church!


John Monday Update

As many of you are already aware, our friend and elder, John Monday passed away due to complications from pneumonia on Thursday afternoon.

On Monday, January 27, we will celebrate his life and legacy with a celebration service. Receiving of friends will take place from 5pm to 8pm with the service following at 8pm. All services will take place at Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Ridge (click for directions).

Tuesday at 2pm will be the graveside service at Oak Ridge Memorial Gardens (Solway).

In the coming days and weeks, we will post more on the blog about the life and legacy of our friend, husband, father, brother, son, and pastor, John Monday.

You can still help in two ways: 1) You can pray.  Let’s pray this together for the Monday family.  2) Family friends have set up a fund to help offset the costs of  while John was in the hospital.  Every little bit helps, and if you would like to donate, YOU CAN DO SO BY CLICKING HERE TO GIVE SECURELY ONLINE.  Everything raised here, goes directly to the Monday family.

Real Marriage Tour

Join Us February 22nd For The Real Marriage Tour

February 22nd, we will host Mark and Grace Driscoll for the Real Marriage Tour simulcast. This is for those who are married, single or thinking about getting married.

{Register Here}

Real Marriage & The Truth About Sex, Friendship and Life Together by Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace will be an event that will encourage, enlighten, and equip you in your romantic relationship whether you are married or single. Learn how Pastor Mark has navigated his marital journey through biblical teaching and humor.

Pastor Mark will be addressing key issues like these:

  • Tough and good lessons learned from Mark and Grace’s story.
  • Dating – keys to success and failure.
  • Married people, guess what, you are supposed to ‘date your spouse’.
  • Friendship in marriage – it is a simple idea, but often difficult to maintain.
  • Taking out the Trash – You will have to attend to learn how.
  • Sex as god, gross or gift?
  • Can We __________?

The Real Marriage Tour simulcast will take place at Ridge Church, in partnership with Legacy Church Knoxville (click here for directions to Ridge Church) February 22nd from 9am to 4:30pm (doors open at 8:30am). The cost to attend is $10 per couple or individual. For more info, watch the video to the right –>

Register Here

**Lunch will be provided**
**Childcare is NOT provided at this event**


If you have felt God speak to you today, were moved by something in the gathering, have a question, or just want to talk with a pastor, please CLICK HERE AND LET US KNOW! We would love to hear from you today and pray for you!