Ridge Missionary Update From Indonesia

Ridge Missionary Update From Indonesia

Editor’s note: Arick Davey and his family are part of our bigger Ridge Church family. Arick is a missionary with the organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM). He is wrapping up an assignment to bring the Gospel to people in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Arick tells us about the miracles and adventures God has him on. 

Hello friends and family,

Wow . . . what an incredible two months!

Today, my team begins the journey back to Queenstown, New Zealand. Outreach is officially over and we are on our way back.

Internet has been pretty scarce here in Indonesia, so pardon me not sending an update earlier.

Our first leg of outreach was in Papua New Guinea. In four weeks there, we spent half our time ministering alongside the YWAM base in the city of Lae. The other time was spent ministering to villages deep in the jungle/coastlands several hours outside of Lae.

We saw incredible moves of God; many gave their lives to Jesus. Many were also healed in the name of Jesus including the blind, the deaf, the lame, the ill and the oppressed.

We had the beautiful privilege to baptize a bunch of new believers in the river nearby the village that hosted us. It was amazing. We faced some minor persecutions against our team, a few setbacks involving visa/passport issues, some sickness and physical injuries in the team. But, all in all, it was successful and enjoyable. Village life is ROUGH in some places, but the Lord is gracious and His love can’t be hindered by circumstance. (Romans 8)

The second leg of outreach consisted of our team heading to Indonesia for four weeks. What an adventure Indonesia was . . .

The language barrier was ever-present and challenging, but God literally guided every step of our trip and smoothed out the rough patches.

Needless to say it was a challenging adjustment to be immersed in a culture so very different than our own. The predominant religion in Bali is Hinduism, so everywhere you go are these spectacular and intricately detailed temples and statues and idols. Nobody speaks English and the traffic is overwhelmingly chaotic.

We felt, at first, like children lost at an amusement park. But there was a lingering sense of wonder laced throughout our entire journey. We met amazing people, we saw more miracle healings, and we learned a little bit about Indonesian culture and cuisine.

The old jokes about dog meat are always called to mind. And, yes, they eat dog in Indo, and a lot of it. We may or may not have. OK, we definitely did. Try some, that is.

Paul said he became like the Romans to gain them, and Jesus said whenever you go into a new place to preach the Gospel, eat whatever is placed in front of you, so when in another culture you don’t want to turn your nose up at a plate put in front of you. Chances are (especially in impoverished Indonesia) that the meal, whatever it may be, is the best that person/family has to offer and they’re paying you the highest honor and respect as a guest to feed you their best. So we ate.

Our mission in Indonesia finished with two weeks away from Bali on another island called Sumba.

In the villages we saw healings. An elderly blind woman saw for the first time in 24 years. A deaf mute girl – 18 years old – heard and spoke for the first time since birth. Several other healings of pain and sickness occurred in Jesus name.

Indonesia challenged me in ways I never could have been prepared for. It stretched my faith, confronted my perspectives, made me experience a new level of gratitude, and taught me invaluable truths about the character and nature of God and His heart for EVERYONE.

We stayed with an AMAZING ministry called House of Hope. Their vision is to train up young kids with gifts and talents to be leaders on the island. Sumba is an incredibly poor island. Sadly, human slavery, human trafficking, child exploitation (rape, forced marriages, child pregancy) and crime are all the norm.

But we know the love of Jesus shines brightest in the darkest places. We got to work alongside these young people and minister to these villages living in extreme poverty. It’s amazing to see how generous and hospitable these people are who – when compared to you and I – have nothing. The kids at House Of Hope get offered the chance of a lifetime to leave the village, have their schooling paid for (ONE U.S. DOLLAR A MONTH!), learn English, and exponentially increase their chances to get a job and get accepted into university.

Understand that these families cannot afford to send their children to school. They don’t even have water, let alone the $1 a month it takes to support your child’s schooling. I’ve never witnessed anything like this before. To me, it had always just been a TV commercial that had no basis in reality.

Until I lived it briefly. Firsthand.

And to see how generous and grateful these people are challenged me. We bonded with the kids in the HOH like family! They were taking the one chance they were getting to make something happen out of life, and they were absolutely succeeding. It was the heart of God in action: to take the most hopeless, bottom rung, castaways of society and build them in their created value and dreams and skills. Most of these youths will end up in governmental and other outlets of leadership in Sumba. They have this future because of the vision of House of Hope.

Thank you all so much for allowing me this opportunity to see the Kingdom advancing all over the world. It’s so challenging but so fulfilling! Love you all.


Arick Davey

Six Ways To Invite Someone To Easter at The Ridge


by bobby williams

At Ridge Church, we have the mindset that we should do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get someone to church every Sunday, but especially on Easter.  The statistics prove that PEOPLE WILL COME TO CHURCH WHEN INVITED!  All you have to do ask- you never know who might be waiting for you to just invite them. In fact, you may not be aware of what hangs in the balance of simple invite.

We always want to help you “carry the mat” for someone to get them to church.  That’s why we always have multiple invite cards for you to pick up at Ridge Central each week and why we put together this list.  Here are 8 ways you can invite someone to church this Sunday for Easter

Use a Ridge Invite Card |  I (Bobby) always keep a few handy in my pocket or wallet.  You never know when you need give one away.   These are simple:  Simply walk up to someone you want to invite and say, “Hey here’s an invite to my church.  I’d love for you to come on Sunday for Easter.  I will save you a seat.”  The invite card has our website on it so just tell them to check out the website for all the info on the church.

Buy a drink or lunch |  If you hit up the local Starbucks in Oak Ridge (and you should)  then pay for the order of the person behind you and ask the Barista to give them an invite card when they come to pick up their order.  You might start a chain reaction.  You never know what the Holy Spirit will do with that. I once was in line doing this and saw 8 people pay it forward.

Go on a Social Media Mission Trip |  This is the two weeks you should PLASTER Facebook and Instagram with invites to Ridge Church.  But don’t just post to your own timeline.  Post an invite to a friends timeline.  Take 5 minutes to open up your Facebook chat and message a few people to invite them.  Use the Ridge Church Facebook page invite to and share it on your own wall and invite your own friends.  Get creative on Instagram and make a picture inviting those who follow you there.  The possibilities are endless.

Shoot a video and post it to Facebook |  On your camera or computer, post a 60 second or less video inviting your friends to Easter services at Ridge Church.  People love videos.  Put your kids in it for a few extra views (Hey- whatever it takes right). On Instagram for example, you could shoot a creative 15 second video on Instagram and just say, “Easter..Ridge Church…Sunday March 27…come with me. Please???”

Send an Email |  Send a personal email to some friends, family members or coworkers.  Be sure to make the title something they’ll want to open and read like “A personal favor to ask”.  You don’t have to share the Gospel here, so just be honest and clear about what you’re asking.  You could say something like- Hey!  I really LOVE my church and since Easter is coming up Sunday, I’d love for you to come see why I love it so much.  I’ll even save you a seat.  Will you come to church to with me Sunday?  We have three services at 8:30 10:00 and 11:30 that day so just let me know which one I can expect you at, and I’ll meet you at the door.  If you have questions, just ask- and you can check out our website at ridgechurch.cc

Send a Text or Make a Call | Go old fashioned and send a few text messages or make a few phone calls and just make the ask.

You never know what hangs in the balance of an invite. Be bold.

4 Things I Want Everyone at Ridge Church To Know


by bobby williams

In case you missed it (not sure how that happened- we messed up somewhere!) but today is CHRISTMAS EVE EVE in Oak Ridge and for Ridge Church, it’s the night of the year we celebrate together the birth of Jesus.

The sound system is all wired up, the garland is hung, instruments are tuned, the message is hot n’ ready, and all of our amazing Ridge volunteers are ready to rock tonight. We hope you’ll be there too.  Read more

4 Ways To Invite Someone To Eve Eve

by bobby williams

Christmas Eve Eve is almost upon us! We have been planning, praying and preparing for months for you and this Wednesday night.

It’s going to be an incredible night of music, friends, family, fun and a whole lot of celebrating the birth of Christ together. We really do hope you’re making plans to be at the Grove Theater with us at 7pm Wednesday, December 23. 

As a church, we have been doing a Christmas Eve Eve service since before we officially launched as a church. Our very first Christmas, and several years after, right before we officially launched our church, we did an Eve Eve service called Christmas Rock Night. That very first Rock Night had about 25 people in attendance. The Grove holds hundreds more than that and we are praying that it is STANDING ROOM ONLY this Christmas.

We believe God is more than able to do this. But we also know He uses you and I to be the feet to take the message out.

Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Post an open invite on your Facebook page today. If you want, just copy and paste this: To all my friends and family: This Wednesday night, I’m going to a Christmas service at the Grove Theater at 7pm. I’m pretty excited about it but nothing would make me happier than some of you (or all of you!) would come with me. Help make my day…who’s coming with me? 
  • Copy and paste the photo below on Instagram:

Very Merry 718x718 (1)

  • Send a text message to a friend, family member, bff, or whomever and say: Let’s go to the Christmas service at the Grove Theater Wednesday night. Starts at 7pm. Come with me
  • Direct message 3 friends on Facebook and say: Hey! I’m going to the Christmas service at the Grove Theater Wednesday night at 7pm. Will you come with me?