Let’s Celebrate Ridge Church!

by bobby williams Howdy Ridge Church! I wanted to post a quick, simple call to celebrate this morning. This past Sunday, we had our very first Dollar Club offering and you set the bar HIGH! Check this out…you gave HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! How much exactly? You’ll have to be at church September 13th to find out. And get this…our kids… Read more →

Don’t Forget Your Dollar!

by bobby williams For the last several Sundays, we have been telling you about a very special offering we are doing this Sunday called the Dollar Club. The idea is really simple; give a dollar, make an impact. Two core values that help drive us as a church are 1) Impact the Community and 2) Model Generosity. When you combine… Read more →

New BaseCamp Class August 30

by bobby williams When you’re new to a church (or fairly new at least), one thing that most people want, is to be connected. But sometimes, it can be confusing  of what next step to take to do so. At Ridge Church, the next step to take is August 30th. It’s called BaseCamp. Basecamp is a starting point designed for… Read more →

Complete Acts Series Messages

Sunday, we hit PAUSE on our series on the book of Acts after 10 weeks exploring what empowered the early believers and helped the early Church multiply and grow. We finished up talking about being empowered by the Holy Spirit to go. The command to GO will be different for each person; could be across a room or across an… Read more →

All The Latests Ridge Church News

Latest Ridge Church News Sign Up For BaseCamp August 30th Basecamp is a starting point designed for those that are new to Ridge Church.  If you have started attending in the last 6 months or less and have yet to get connected to others, a serving group, or just feel out of the loop, then consider attending BaseCamp.  BaseCamp takes… Read more →

Forgiving Those Who Hurt You

by bobby williams There are not many of us who could say that we have NOT been hurt by someone in some way. Someone said something to us that cut us deeply…. Someone did something to us that has stayed with us for years… Someone has done something to a family member or close friend…. Someone has repeatedly hurt us… Read more →

Discipleship Starts With Detox

by bobby williams When I was 16 years old, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  The problem was that I knew no one that played, nor did I have the money to get lessons.  So my only solution to learning how to play the guitar was to teach myself. I had saved just enough… Read more →