Life Change Is Infectious

by bobby williams Each Sunday that we have baptisms at Ridge Church, it becomes my new favorite Sunday. I love seeing people take their next step in their journey as a follower of Jesus. This past Sunday we baptized three people with more this coming Sunday! Every baptism is a person with a story. And every story is someone’s life… Read more →

Stop Following Your Heart | New ebook

by bobby williams If you have been around the Ridge any length of time, you have heard me plead with you to, “stop following your heart.” As writer of a new ebook Jon Bloom says, “your heart is a compass inside of you that will direct you to your own true north if you just have the courage to follow… Read more →

Update From Missionary Arick Davey

by bobby williams In September we introduced you to Arick Davey, son of Ridge Church partners Mike and Lisa Davey who is a missionary in Paupa New Guinea. Ridge Church is proud to support and partner with Arick as he travels through the mountains and jungles of PNG and surrounding islands. Below is an update from Arick giving detailed information… Read more →

Are You Ready To Be Baptized?

by bobby williams Are you ready to be baptized? We’ll have the water ready for you November 22nd and November 29th at Ridge Church. If you have never been baptized, were baptized as a child before you became a follower of Jesus or as an adult before you became a follower of Christ, we would love to present you with… Read more →

It’s Dollar Club Sunday!

by bobby williams It’s time to once again take a step to model generosity and impact our community together. This Sunday is “Dollar Club Sunday.” It’s one of my favorite times each month. On Dollar Club Sundays, we ask that every man, woman and child bring at least $1 and during the offering, place it into the baskets as part… Read more →

4th and Longer

by bobby williams We just finished up an incredible sermon series Sunday called 4th and Long. The stories we have heard about all that God has done in this series have been incredible. God really used this series to reach people that are in their very own 4th and longs. And the work isn’t done yet. Listen to the 4th… Read more →

Speaking of Trust

by bobby williams Trust is not an easy thing. Even when life is good, trust can still be hard. For some, trusting God is even harder. Or maybe it’s ok to trust God in some areas, but not all. One of the over-arching themes of the bible from the old testament through the new testament is this theme of trust.… Read more →

Did God Betray You?

by bobby williams There was a time in my life where I thought that God had betrayed me. I believed the myth that because I was a Christian, I had served faithfully and sacrificially, that life as a believer would be rainbows, unicorns and Lucky Charms. I was wrong. About both of those statements. God did not betray me. And… Read more →