Oak Ridge Christmas Parade Saturday

Hey everyone!

The Oak Ridge Christmas Parade is this Saturday. This is a great event for the city and there are people in our church right now because of connecting with people at the parade!
There has been a change in our plan for the parade.  Originally we were going to hand out tons of helium balloons to the kids and hot hands to the adults.  Well apparently there is a helium shortage (who knew!!!!) and the low is suppose to be 51 (not really hot hands weather), so we’ve scrambled to change the plan.
We will be handing out glow necklaces and bracelets to the kids and invite cards to the adults.  All kids love glow necklaces! :o)
So here’s the plan.  If you are helping I need you to be at the church at 4:45. This is will give us 30 minutes to get everything ready, split in to groups and assign your area.  We will then head down to the parade route to start handing things out at 5:30.  We want to be finished by the start of the parade.
If you’re are going to volunteer (even if you have already signed up) please email me at denira@ridgechurchonline.com 
Again, Thanks so much for your willingness to serve!
Denira Williams  | Ridge Kids Director 

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