A Letter From Pastor Bobby To Ridge Church


Ridge Church!!!! I missed you!  It’s been a great two weeks off from preaching but I have missed the fool out of you guys!  I’m excited to be back this week!  Here’s just a few things I want you to know…

  • Even though I missed being able to preach over the last two weeks, I can’t tell you how pumped I am to let others share what God is doing through them with you.  JR Isham who preached two weeks ago killed it!  ” There’s gotta be MORE!”  And…I heard our very own Jonathan Haskell rocked it yesterday too.  I’m really excited to listen to his message from yesterday!
  • We’re SO blessed to be a church where we have other communicators that can come and preach God’s word here.  There are many pastors in our city who don’t have the luxury of having other gifted communicators on their team be able to jump in and not skip a beat.  We’re blessed with a few and are blessed to have lots of connections to others who want to come here and preach.
  • You know yesterday I didn’t get ONE phone call about needing something for church.  That’s awesome!  Not that I ever have when I’m gone, but I love serving a body that doesn’t depend on their lead pastor to do everything.  You guys and gals that serve Ridge Church are rock stars and I’m a proud pastor.
  • To say that I’m PUMPED to be preaching this Sunday and kicking off the new series The Wall would be a MAJOR understatement.  Bring your forks!
  • Speaking of The Wall series, we’ll be taking a walk through the book Nehemiah in this series and talking about how God’s given us all a vision, how God’s given us all a mission, and how God’s given us all partners to accomplish these things.  It’s going to be a great series!

I’m refreshed and pumped up so I hope you are too!  God’s still moving and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

See you all Sunday!  Tell somebody!

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