Giving Made Easy

If you’re like me (pastor Bobby) then you NEVER have cash on you.  In fact, you probably never carry a check book either.  There’s a pretty famous place to eat in O.R. that only accepts cash.  Because of that very reason, even though I want to go there, I never do.  Why?  Because I seldom have cash on me.

The same is true at church.  Many times people want to give and when the baskets are passed, we reach for our wallets, checkbooks, and purses only to find we a) have no cash and b) left the checkbook at home.  So when you want to give but you never have these on you, what do you do?


At Ridge Church, our goal is to always make the NEXT STEP clear and as easy as we can.  That’s why we offer DIGITAL GIVING.  At any time of the day, any day of the week, even on Sunday when the bags are passed, you can give online through our website RIDGECHURCHONLINE.COM by clicking on the tab that says ONLINE GIVING.  With 3 simple clicks, you can give online.  It’s safe, secure and super easy.  And the best part….no cash or checks required.

Oh- and there’s one other GREAT part about online giving that makes it even easier….you can set up reoccurring giving.  Set it to your schedule to give automatically just like you would a bill payment for your house or car.  It will deduct your gift at the time you select and for the exact amount you select.  Easy.

Here’s HOW easy it can be…

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