Baptism: Get Wet This Sunday

At Ridge Church, we believe that baptism is the next step after one becomes a follower of Jesus.  Baptism is simply an outward expression of the inward change that took place when one accepted Christ as Savior.  Baptism will identify the believer with Jesus, the local church, and the big C Church.

Being baptized is also an act of obedience, as the scripture commands that believers be baptized (Matthew 28).  One does not have to be baptized to be saved, however, to fully express our obedience to Christ, we should be baptized and show the world our alignment with Christ, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28.


  • Anyone who was baptized as a baby before accepting Christ as Savior
  • Anyone who has never been baptized
  • Anyone who was baptized before becoming a believer
  • Anyone who has recently accepted Christ as Savior
  • Is this you? Email us at

This Sunday we are celebrating new life as people will come to be baptized and YOU CAN BE BAPTIZED TOO.  We’ll be doing baptisms in both the 930a and 11a services.  The pool will be full, the water warm, and people will be ready to cheer you on.

If you’re ready to be baptized this Sunday, email us at or if you have questions.


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