Losing My Religion: The First 2 Weeks

Sunday, we finished up the first two weeks of the Losing My Religion series.  Here is what we have learned so far in the series…

  • The very word RELIGION stirs up controversary
  • We define religion as a set of rules and traditions derived from man and not God
  • Religion in this form can be toxic
  • Jesus uncomplicates what religion has made complicated
  • Religion always adds conditions to salvation…if we add to salvation, we are denying the work of Christ on the cross
  • Religion is what you have to do or can’t do, and relationship is what Jesus has already done
  • Religion organizes around behavioral modification
  • Jesus never asked anyone to change their behavior for the sake of just changing their behavior.  Instead he just invited them to follow him
  • People nothing like Jesus, liked Jesus, and He liked them
  • He came to bring those far from God, close to God.  He came to explain the Father in a relational way
  • Jesus asked his disciples to FOLLOW HIM, not pray a prayer to receive Him into their lives.  Just follow, then believe.  Not believe, then follow
  • The more you repulse Jesus, the more Jesus is drawn to you
  • Jesus said he came for the sick, not the healthy.  To call sinners, not the righteous
  • If you think you’re a bad person, and you are…we all are….you’re Jesus’ favorite.  Come and follow.

Check out the website to listen to both of these messages!  We continue the series this Sunday, so come and join us live!

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