What To Expect at Ridge Church Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve at Ridge Church is right around the corner! Friday to be exact!  Maybe you’ve never been to a Christmas Eve Eve worship experience or you’ve never been to one at Ridge Church and have no idea what to expect.  As hard as it is to put it into words, we’ll do our best to give you  snap shot of what to expect this Friday night at the Ridge Church Christmas Eve Eve worship experience.

  • You can expect it to be all about Jesus
  • You can expect Jesus to be with us
  • You can expect the band to be cranked up and jacked up
  • You can expect there to be music about Jesus
  • You can expect it to be PACKED OUT (get here early!)
  • You can expect to have encounter with Jesus
  • You can expect us to be ready for you to bring your family and friends
  • You can expect the energy level to be through the roof
  • You can expect the opportunity to take communion with your family
  • You can expect us to be anticipating a “God movement” to take place

It really is hard to put all this into words.  But as stated before, it will be all about Jesus.  There is no other reason to celebrate Christmas.  And we can’t wait to celebrate God with us.  We hope that you can’t either.

There is still plenty of time to get your tickets or get tickets for whomever you’re bringing with you.  To get your FREE tickets, head to our website and follow the links for the FREE tickets.

See you Friday!

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