Series Recap: 3G

Sunday we finished up the 3G: Gather Grow Go series. 3G was all about aligning the church with the new community groups launch called 3G groups. It also served as a way for us to teach 3 essential aspects of disciple making. Here’s how the series shook out….

  • In part 1, we outlined how Jesus did community. The big idea of part 1 was that Jesus modeled for us how to do community, & since we were created for community, we should DO community.
  • In part 2, we tackled what it means to gather the way Jesus gathered with others.  He gathered with sinners; tax collectors, prostitutes, the religious…people like you and me and he gathered with them around dinner tables.  In part 2, we look at why, how and where Jesus gathered with others and why we should follow his example.
  • Part 3 was all about the process of growing as a disciple.  We generally equate spiritual growth to more bible studies.  The last thing we need is to attend yet another bible study on top of the million other bible studies we already attend.  To grow spiritually, we should start by obeying what God has already asked of us.
  • Sunday, in part 4,we finished up the series discussing the command Jesus gave us in Matthew 28 to GO. We specifically looked at what Jesus told his disciples to do when they went in Matthew 10:5-15. The message ended with Steve Pyle telling us how he shared the Gospel right where he was, coaching little league football& in one day, 4 players responded to the Gospel! The big idea for this week was that disciples make disciples, so let’s GO make disciples.

Want to catch up on all these messages?  Head to our website and take a listen or download the podcast on iTunes!

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