Welcome to the Ridge Church Blog

Ridge Church is a place where it's ok to not be ok. Thankfully, God refuses to leave us in that place. This is a safe place to bring your hurts and issues, because let's be honest, we have them too. On this blog you will find announcements, articles on living a Gospel-centered life, and get a glimpse into life at Ridge Church

Ridge U Recap: Reading and Understanding the Bible

This past Sunday, we had our second installment of Ridge U.  This one was all about reading and understanding the bible.  Dutchess Jones did an amazing job and provided some great content for everyone that participated. Below, is Dutchess’ notes from the class, in case you missed it or wanted to look over them again. There will be a new… Read more →

Recovering Redemption Stories | Wesley Hicks Part 2

A few weeks back we shared part 1 of Wesley’s story as he unfolded his struggle and redemption from addictions.  In part 2, we will hear how his relationship with Jesus, changed everything when he faced one of the most difficult times in his life. Instead of turning toward something to mask his struggle, Wesley turned to Christ.  Check out… Read more →

Recovering Redemption Stories| Wesley Hicks

During this series called Recovering Redemption, we are sharing redemption stories from people at the Ridge. These stories are raw and honest stories about tragedy, struggle, recovery and redemption. This week we shared Wesley Hicks story.  Wesley’s story is a story of addiction, guilt, shame and tragedy.  But the beauty in Wesley’s story, is that even though Wesley was not… Read more →