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Ridge Church is a place where it's ok to not be ok. Thankfully, God refuses to leave us in that place. This is a safe place to bring your hurts and issues, because let's be honest, we have them too. On this blog you will find announcements, articles on living a Gospel-centered life, and get a glimpse into life at Ridge Church

Discipleship Starts With Detox

by bobby williams When I was 16 years old, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  The problem was that I knew no one that played, nor did I have the money to get lessons.  So my only solution to learning how to play the guitar was to teach myself. I had saved just enough… Read more →

3 Reasons To Attend The Ridge Recovery BBQ Tonight

by bobby williams Last October, we as a church began new, gospel-centered recovery groups that meet on Tuesday evenings. This recovery ministry differs from a lot of the other recovery ministries offered by other churches in our areas. We believe that ultimately, it will be the Gospel and the work of Jesus that rescues and heals people of their hurts,… Read more →

Crazy Love

by bobby williams It’s not secret that our society is obsessed with finding the quickest possible route to love. The journey to find this hidden passage has made it harder and harder for our culture to define love and understand God’s crazy love for us. If we are not proactive in understanding God’s perfect, crazy love for us, our culture… Read more →

Are You Watching Us on Periscope?

by bobby williams Recently as a church and staff, we began to experiment with Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming/broadcasting app you can download on your phone and watch live, streaming content from the Ridge, it’s staff and members. To date, we have broadcasted things such as entire Sunday gatherings, behind the scenes of elder’s meetings, sermon prep and volunteers… Read more →

5 Things A Starbucks Barista Does Churches Should Do

by bobby williams Even if you’re one of those that refuses to pay $2 for a cup of Joe (gasp!), you can still learn a thing or two from a Starbucks Barista. At Ridge Church, we are lucky enough to have several that attend our church (just in case you need coffee tips). Starbucks Coffee is a polarizing company for… Read more →

How Not To Choose a Church

by bobby williams For the last month, our church has been on a journey, studying through the book of Acts together. Currently we are about to jump into chapter 5, but this past week, I circled back to end of chapter 2 so that we could talk about what the early church was marked by and devoted to. You can… Read more →

For Freedom

by bobby williams   A Note From Pastor Bobby How we doing Ridge Church! It’s so good to be back from here at the Ridge after being away the last several weeks. Thank you for loving my family enough to pray with us and for us while we were away getting rested up. This weekend is Independence Day for our… Read more →

What The SCOTUS Ruling Means For Ridge Church

by bobby williams This past Friday, the United States Supreme Court handed down a ruling that stated marriage was no longer to be withheld from same-sex couples in the United States. The reactions have been strong, steady and constant. It would seem everyone has voiced their opinion on the matter. At Ridge Church, it is always our goal to speak… Read more →

What would it take for everything to change in your life?

By Kevin Bradford If you could meet with one person, who would it be? The president? A celebrity? The pope? Or maybe a professional athlete? Take a second and dream about the encounter. And then ask yourself an honest question. Would it change anything about your life? We’ve been singing a song at church recently by Bryan and Katie Torwalt… Read more →

What is love?

By: Wesley Hicks What is love? Whenever I talk to people in preparation for marriage, I always bring up this question because it has the impact to transform how we approach relationships. It’s also a great transition into one of my favorite stories from when Courtney and I were dating. I will say it isn’t one of the most romantic… Read more →