Just Do A Car Wash!


by bobby williams

At the end of December, our Ridge Students will be attending the Xtreme Winter conference in Gatlinburg Tennessee. It will be a great weekend for our students as they worship, bond with adult leaders, each other, and we pray, will have an experience with Jesus that will change their lives.

The cost to attend will be $200 per student. This covers their ticket, lodging and food for the weekend.

“Why don’t they do a car wash or sell some donuts?”

Good question. There’s a few specific reasons we don’t want our students our selling donuts or doing car washes to raise money for these type of events. Without getting into a lot of detail, here’s why:

#1- Nothing says “We don’t care” like saying, “Go do a car wash where you’ll raise maybe a hundred dollars, get a sunburn and then be disappointed.” 

#2- We value our students and we want to show them they are valued by our support to them

#3- If we care about it, we should fund it. Period. 

We don’t want a single student to not be able to go or one family to worry about being able to send their student to this life changing event. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a student that may not be able to attend due to financial constraints with a scholarship? Just click the button below to give generously and be part of what will be an incredible experience for many of our students.

Just click our giving form and consider giving and supporting our Ridge Students this winter

Update: Missionary Arick Davey


by bobby williams

The following is an update from a missionary we support, Arick Davey.

Hello friends and family!
I’m back in Queenstown as of 2 weeks ago. Right now we are hosting a Ski and Snowboard DTS, so my responsibilities have shifted slightly while on base. As I’m not staffing this school, I’m serving in the kitchen and helping cook meals throughout the weeks. I’m enjoying this role because it’s new to me and I’m seeing how much work it is to feed 50+ people every day! I’m also still in charge of the outdoor maintenance and general groundskeeping for our properties.
  As we send this school off in late september, we’ll be preparing for the next school to begin in October. As some of you may remember from last year’s updates, this is the Extreme/Classic DTS (Discipleship Training School). Students will have the option to participate in extreme and adventure activities that Queenstown’s tourist industry has to offer (paintball, bungy, skydiving, hiking) while also using this place as a platform to love and serve the community and represent the Kingdom of God. I’m currently praying about whether or not I will be on the school staff this time around. I’m willing to serve and lead another outreach, but I also feel led to remain on base staff (my position right now) for the remainder of my current Visa. My visa expires March 2, so I’ll be taking some time to come back home and visit family, continue raising support, renew my visa to return to Queenstown, and hopefully visit as many of you as possible! I’m looking forward to sharing what all God has been doing in this season of life.
  One more update, I have a birthday coming up next week on the 18th! It’s strange to have a birthday in the winter time haha. I’ll be turning 24!
Thank you all so much for your support and prayer. In YWAM we are all volunteers and we all raise our own finances to pay the costs of living and going on missions trips to different nations. If you haven’t already partnered with me financially, I’d like to invite you to pray about partnering with me thru committing to a monthly donation to support me in my position in the mission field. I’m needing to raise more financial support, and this would be a great opportunity for you to sow into the influence YWAM Queenstown is having in the nations and into my life as well. If you would like to know more and have questions about donating or just more details in general, please email me any time or message me on facebook. Thank you so much! Love you all

Arick Davey

4 Ways To Use An Invite Card



by bobby williams

Not sure if you know this, but statistics prove that PEOPLE WILL COME TO CHURCH WHEN INVITED!  All you have to do is ask- you never know who might be waiting for you to just invite them. In fact, you may not be aware of what hangs in the balance of a simple invite.

Sunday we asked you to stop by Ridge Central and pick up a few invite cards to give out over the next few weeks. If you missed that opportunity, there’s still plenty to grab this week.

We always want to help you with this.  That’s why we always have multiple invite cards for you to pick up at Ridge Central each week and why we put together this list.  Here are 4 ways you can invite someone to church.

How To Use a Ridge Invite Card

I (Bobby) always keep a few handy in my pocket or wallet.  You never know when you need to give one away.

Invite cards are great conversations starters. And to be truthful, it’s really about getting an opportunity to share your story more than it is about you handing out an invite card.

When you hand someone an invite card, most people will ask, “what is this?”  That’s  your chance! You can then say to them something like, “it’s an invite to my church. God has really used this place to help me heal, change my heart and have a real relationship with Jesus. I just want you to experience the same thing because it’s awesome.”  Something like that.

Here’s a few more things you can do:

Buy a drink or lunch |  If you hit up the local Starbucks in Oak Ridge (and you should)  then pay for the order of the person behind you and ask the Barista to give them an invite card when they come to pick up their order.  You might start a chain reaction.  You never know what the Holy Spirit will do with that. I once was in line doing this and saw 8 people pay it forward.

Post a picture of the invite on social media | Take a quick photo of the invite card, post it on Facebook or Instagram, and then share your story in the comments.

Leave it on a co-workers desk with a note |  This is important; make sure you leave a note or Post-It that says something like, “Be sure to ask me about this!” That gives you a chance to share your story with them. Let’s not just do drive-by invites.

These are just 4 really simple ways you can use an inviter card. Be bold. Be creative.

We would love to see you have those you care about the most with us at the Ridge on August 21st for the last week of #bestdayever series. We really believe it will be a life changing kind of day.



You never know what hangs in the balance of an invite.

Back To School Bash This Friday!


by bobby williams

Who’s your favorite superhero?

Growing up for me, it was Superman. And really the only reason why was because all I had to go off of was Michael Keaton as Batman. It wasn’t until I was an adult that Christian Bale became the Dark Knight and I was hooked on Batman. Now it’s like, “Superman who?”

Superheroes are nothing more than fictional fun, but I think every little kid has one or three that they see as bigger than life.

That’s why we’re excited for this Friday night and the Ridge Kids Back to School Bash at the Ridge. Because there will a TON of superheroes there to hang out with our kids, have some fun and take photos. It’s going to be a BLAST. They’ll be lots of food, fun and SUPERHEROES!

If you’re child is entering the 5th grade and below, come join us Friday night from 6:30pm to 9pm. 

Expect Great Things


by bobby williams

We all have expectations. But sometimes there is a disconnect between the expectation and the next step that will be the catalyst for the expectation to happen.

In spiritual terms, I have often said that faith requires action.

William Carey, who many consider the father of the modern missionary movement, as JD Greear points out, once famously declared to an English church resistant to send missionaries to foreign lands,

“Expect great things of God and then attempt great things FOR God.”

JD points out that great expectations come first and great attempts grow out of great expectations.

I have no doubt that sometimes I don’t expect much and so therefore I don’t attempt much. But every time I realize I have not expected much, it always comes back to the fact that somehow, I’ve made God small in my mind.

But when I properly see God has the God who created the universe and everything in it, the God on the pages of the bible that did all that it says He did, and the God that could save even me, I begin to see God as one who can do amazing things. Sometimes I just need reminded to expect amazing things and out of those expectations, take the necessary risks to catalyze those amazing things, then get out of God’s way as He works them.

Never stop expecting amazing things of God and attempting great for God.