Welcome to the Ridge Church Blog

Ridge Church is a place where it's ok to not be ok. Thankfully, God refuses to leave us in that place. This is a safe place to bring your hurts and issues, because let's be honest, we have them too. On this blog you will find announcements, articles on living a Gospel-centered life, and get a glimpse into life at Ridge Church

Three Ways To Meet Someone New at the Ridge

One of the criticisms I hear about the Ridge getting bigger is it’s too hard to get to know people.  How can the pastor know if you’ve got something going on in your life if there are hundreds of people there? But here’s what I’ve experienced.  A church of ANY size seems too big if you don’t know anyone.   Here are… Read more →

2014 Ridge Church Annual Report

The Ridge Church Annual Report is now available! It’s been stated many times already, but 2014 was one of the best overall years EVER in the history of Ridge Church. The Lord blessed us in so many ways there was certainly a LOT to celebrate. This year we put together a very simple infographic called the 2014 Annual Report to… Read more →

Last Day To Register For Faith and Finances

Today is the last day to register for Faith and Finances class at Ridge Church that begins this coming Sunday afternoon.  REGISTER HERE Join our Faith & Finances discussion group. We’ll eat, laugh, and struggle together as we learn to overcome obstacles, set savings goals, make spending plans, manage debt and loans, and more! Faith and Finances is a foundational… Read more →

We Are Hiring!

The last year at Ridge Church has no doubt been crazy in the best ways. Over the last year, the average attendance of the Ridge Church has grown by over 100 people. That’s some rapid growth. As we continue to grow, more and more opportunities become available. There are more classes, groups and gatherings than ever before. As more people… Read more →