Welcome to the Ridge Church Blog

Ridge Church is a place where it's ok to not be ok. Thankfully, God refuses to leave us in that place. This is a safe place to bring your hurts and issues, because let's be honest, we have them too. On this blog you will find announcements, articles on living a Gospel-centered life, and get a glimpse into life at Ridge Church

Praying Through The Message | Overcoming Guilt and Shame

By Kevin Bradford   Our Recovering Redemption series continued Sunday with a look at guilt and shame, two daggers to the life of a Christ follower. The follow article sums up Bobby’s message well, with some thoughts and scripture to help us overcome guilt and shame in our lives.   Spiritual Warfare: Defeating Guilt and Shame   <Hyperlink to Reference… Read more →

Gospel Generosity

by dutchess jones   Sunday I had the privilege of sharing a few words on generosity at local church. I have included them below. Enjoy! The term “generosity” can be misleading – particularly in our culture. When most of us think of what it looks like to be “generous,” we set the bar way too low. The first way we set… Read more →

Praying Through The Message | Becoming More Like Jesus

By Kevin Bradford We continued our “Recovering Redemption” series this week with a look at sanctification. It’s a big hairy church word that plays an important part in living the Christ-life. Bobby broke it down simply as a process of gradually becoming more life Jesus. It’s Jesus’ life inside us, changing us from the inside out. I like how 19th… Read more →

Ridge U Recap: Reading and Understanding the Bible

This past Sunday, we had our second installment of Ridge U.  This one was all about reading and understanding the bible.  Dutchess Jones did an amazing job and provided some great content for everyone that participated. Below, is Dutchess’ notes from the class, in case you missed it or wanted to look over them again. There will be a new… Read more →